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Professional modelling of class A surfaces


Our operations focus on the modelling of class A surfaces for automotive industry. The aforementioned class A surfaces are visible surface elements, located both inside and outside the vehicle. They are subject to very stringent aesthetic and quality requirements. At the same time, these elements must comply with the batch production requirements, thus, their form must take into account many technical and technological specifications. Our design process results in the creation of a form that is compatible with the stylistic concept and satisfies numerous technical requirements – serving as a confluence of style and technology.

Therefore, we expect our designers to be familiar with any issues concerning manufacturing design and technology, as well as possess basic knowledge on stylistics and general feeling of aesthetics.

The entire design process takes place in virtual space, which results in three-dimensional CAD models.

We provide advisory services on technology and stylistics within the scope of designing machine parts and devices. We create any 3D surface models of any products in accordance with the provided design project and construction requirements. We meet the highest surface quality standards in the industry.

All design works are carried out in our registered office in Warsaw and in our clients’ offices.